Picking a Breeder


To start off with, I cannot stress enough, DO NOT BUY A PUPPY SIGHT UNSEEN !!!

You would not buy a car, furniture, applicance, etc. this way, so it amazes me why you would buy a living animal that should be a part of your family for the next 15+ years of your life.

With that said, I suggest that you start .........


Vist the National Shiba Club of America website ( www.shibas.org ) and go to the Breeder Directory to find a breeder in your area. Shiba litters average 3 and most reputable breeders are planning on keeping a puppy from the litter for themselves. If you are patient and do your homework, you will end up with a great Shiba that will be a wonderful companion.

Animals are not like other products that are always available, you cannot keep them on a shelf and keep them as puppies until a home comes along.


Contact the breeder and schedule a time to visit the breeder's home. Remember that this is not a store. I know you are going to purchase a dog but the majority of breeders in the National Shiba Club of America do this as a hobby. We typically have full time jobs and schedule our personal time to accept visitors.


Google. If you are going to visit a breeder's facility, the internet can be a good excellent source for Good and Bad reviews of breeders.


Once you are at the breeder's facility, meet all the dogs and see how they interact with you and with each other.


Ask for health clearances and view them.


Most reputable breeders show in AKC dog shows.


Ask about health guarantee's. Most states now have Puppy Lemon Laws.


Do not impulse buy! Puppies are very cute and tug on your heart strings.