Grand Champion MR2 Three Ships To The Wind - Buckeye

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Buckeye's Pedigree

Best in Show winning

Specialty Winning Shiba

3 Times Select Dog at National Specialty

#1 All Breed Shiba Inu in 2012

Bred and Owned by Sandra Rolenaitis & Tisha Harris

This breeding is the culmination of friends working together for a common good. You can see from his pedigree he is multiple line bred on Ch. Tenshinmaru Go Etchuu Wakasugisou. His temperament is stunning for a Shiba and he passes it onto his offspring.

His children are also following in his footsteps in the showring with 3 of them so far taking Winner's Awards at Regional Specialties.

Stands as open stud to approved bitches who have cleared all health clearances including gonioscopy.

CERF - SHI-362941


Hips - 2831G37M


Knees - SHU-PA1142/37M/P-VPI

CHIC # 85383